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March 2008 Open Skies

Does anyone think that Seattle will receive any more non-stop flights to Paris/CDG with the March 2008 open skies agreement? I'm going to Paris in October and am waiting to buy my tickets in March to see what happens with this agreement. I'm thinking that the Air France non-stop flight from SEA to CDG might go down in price. Thoughts?

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Likely no. The airport that is most impacted by Open Skies is Heathrow, which has long been heavily restricted. I don't think Seattle can really support another Paris flight most of the time. Prices could go down but don't count on it. Nonstops will almost always cost more. That being said, wait until 3-4 months out to book when airlines start to see what price they need to set for optimum revenue.

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Virgin Atlantic said that if Air France and Lufthansa started Heathrow to US services - which they already announced they will - then they themselves would start Frankfurt and Paris services to the US in return. That's probably not going to include SEA in the first year, however. BUT since there are gonna be new flights from SEA to Frankfurt and since there is this under 3 hours high speed train from FRA to Paris you might want to check for that option as well. FRA to PAR high speed ICE/TGV train is from €29 one way if booked early!