Making Train Reservations

Hello! My husband and I are traveling throughout Europe for the month of May. We will most likely be purchasing the Eurail Select Pass (5 countries, 15 travel days) and want to make our train reservations prior to our trip. The 5 countries we have chosen include Belgium, Germany, Czech Replublic, Italy as well as Switzerland. What is the best way to make train reservations? I have looked at the DB Bahn for schedules and reservations however when I go to actually make the reservation it says the price includes a ticket... however I don't need a ticket just the reservation! I have also looked at the Rail Europe website for reservations- is this a reliable site? Any tips as to the best and easiest way to make train reservations (especially night trains)would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Lola
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On, on the booking form, just below the date and time, you will see an entry " fast connections" or something like that, that is already checked. Mbelow that, younwillmsee " seat reservation only" with a box to check. Then you get reservation only, no ticket. On Trenitalia, get to the page showing several trains for your date of travel. Pick the one you want and hit " continue". Non the next page, it will show several fares, like base, super economy, etc. Below that is a drop down menu labeled " more fares.". Hit that and choose " Global,Pass". That will give you just the seat reservation. Note that the cost of a reservation on the fast Le Frecce trains is often more than the Super Economy fare ( 10 euro versus 9). This is why many people advise against using a railpass for Italy. In Switzerland you do not need reservations unless your train is crossing the border.