Luxembourg Airport etc.

I've been looking at departing out of Luxembourg; it would give me a day for somewhere along the Mosel and a day in Trier, which I haven't been to for many years....
If I stayed in a hotel in Trier and took an early train, it looks like a flight at 10:45 would work. Is there a tram now from the train station to the airport, or do I need to take a bus? Any info/opinions appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by Russ
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LUX is a great little airport - very convenient. There is a direct morning bus on weekdays from Trier to LUX; cost is about 4€: Bus 117 But I have to tell you, it is very nice to just wake up at the airport and not get up extra early or worry if you're at the right bus stop, etc. - last month I used the IBIS budget hotel (49€ single) - you can walk to the terminal in the morning or take their shuttle (but sign up for a time in advance.) So I suggest you catch a train to Luxembourg city the night before and then an airport bus from the station. It's less expensive if you buy a special ticket called the "Tagesticket DeLux" at price level 2 (Preisstufe 2) for 10.80€, good for both train and bus. This ticket is good from Trier to ANYWHERE in Luxembourg, including the LUX airport in Findel, of course. Buy it at a ticket machine in Trier. Tagesticket Delux Bus 9 and Bus 16 run to the airport from Luxembourg's station very late into the evening - just show your Tagesticket Delux and hop on. LUX ground transport

Posted by Hille
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Thanks, Stevie and Russ! It sounds easy to take the train and then the bus to the airport, but I must say, I think staying right at the airport sounds pretty interesting! I assume there are luggage lockers at the Trier station, and I could wander around all day and then head for the Ibis. I saw that there are two Ibis hotels, one with a restaurant and bar, and the other without, very close to each other. Price difference doesn't appear to be much. I wouldn't have to stay in Trier way late. I could grab dinner at the hotel. :)
Lots to think about. Thanks again!