Luggage size limits.

How strict are they on luggage limits. Germanwings says 50cm x40cm x20 cm
This means a standard 22" long US carry-on is too big even to check without a significant charge penalty.

Posted by Ray
Portland, Oregon, USA
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hi, im assuming Germanwings is an airlines? My Ospray backpack/luggage is 55x35x23 and i haven not had any issues unless they say only 1 carry on is okay, then i have to check one case in. happy trails.

Posted by Ron
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Roger, I have flown Germanwings a few times, and while not as vigilant as say, easyjet... they do check. If your carry-on LOOKS too big (bulky/overpacked) then you WILL get pulled out of line and checked. Generally they don't focus on the extra 1-2 inch length, more on the "width" of your bag. If it fits in the "luggage measurement rack" easily, you are usually OK - but like all rules, it depends on who is working the gate.