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Luggage on Tour Bus - Tuscany

My husband and I will be in Florence and then on to Siena for 2 nights. We are interested in taking a one day bus tour of Tuscany but only if we would be allowed to take our luggage, store it on the buses luggage hold and then depart the tour in Siena.
I have found tours with itineraries that are very appealing, covering the villages we'd like to see but they all return to Florence, of course.
I have emailed one tour company so far but would like to know if anyone has done this or something similar and if they remember the name of the Tour Company?
I have floated the idea of renting a car in Florence but my husband is quite opposed so I'm looking at other possible options.

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If you do not find a tour that would work with your plan, an alternative might be to check your luggage at the luggage deposit counter in Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence, and leave it there for the day. You could then retrieve it after your tour and take a train or bus to Siena (about one hour, either way). Most bus tours of Tuscany depart from in front of (or along the side of) SMN train station, and return there. The bus station in Florence from which you would get a bus to Siena is just across the street from SMN train station.

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I've seen some small-group-tour websites that explicitly forbid luggage, from which I deduce they use vans that don't have secure storage and/or the companies aren't willing to take the risk. I can see that if most of the people on a small-group tour wanted to take their luggage along, space could be a very serious issue. On a big-bus tour, it wouldn't be a problem at all, at least in terms of space. Either way, I think it's worth exploring the option directly with the company.

On a one-day circuit of 5 or 6 towns in Puglia, the itinerary was altered to accommodate two clients who wanted to be dropped off at their next destination. They were able to take their luggage along, and the list of towns visited was changed because said destination (which was a nice place that I had no objection to visiting) was not on the original list. So some companies are flexible. Two clients are worth something to a company running small-group excursions if the trips don't regularly sell out.

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Is it not possible to take a bus tour of Tuscany from Sienna instead? Take the bus from Florence to Sienna, and then catch a day tour from Sienna.

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Looks like someone is trying to combine a tour with transportation to Siena. A clever idea but I will bet that there are regulations that says they cannot do that. Puts them in the business of being a transportation company and not a tour company.

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Hi Frank,
Well....yes and no. I’m not trying to cheat anyone. I have looked extensively for a one-way bus tour/trip from Florence to Siena to no avail.
I would like to see as much of Tuscany as I can but am getting resistance from my better half everywhere I turn.

So I have a very creative mind. It may not work out and I’ll deal with it but didn’t think there would be any harm in asking a society of seasoned travelers! ;-)
I’m now looking a 1/2 day trips out of Siena. We have rented a car there but like I said in another post, some people are not as adventurous as others. We do what we can.
BTW, I’m in Longmont, CO, neighbor.

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Thanks to everyone who has responded to my question thus far. It looks as though I’m not the only one who has had this type of scenario so I really appreciate any input.
I’m new to this forum and haven’t been to Europe in about 20 years so I’m hoping to glean as much info as I can from more savvy travelers and their own experiences and knowledge!