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Luggage claim when going through Hethrow

Hi! I'm traveling from Houston to London Hethrow to Lisbon. I will be traveling on United, but in London it will switch to their partner, TAP.
When I get to London, would I have to reclaim my checked luggage as I go through immigration, and then recheck it from London to Lisbon? I only have a 2 hour connection time, so this will affect whether or not I check my luggage or just carry it on.

Thanks for your help!

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If your flights are all on one ticket, you will not need to claim them. If you purchased two different tickets, you will.

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Is it one ticket or two?

If one ticket, your luggage should be checked through to Lisbon, so you would not see it at LHR.

If two tickets, you are in deep doo-doo with only 2 hrs.

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Thanks! The trip is booked all on one ticket through UA, so I'm relieved that I won't have to claim the bag until Lisbon. Thanks!
Connections are always the difficulty these days - my choices were 2 hours through Heathrow or 6 hours through Amsterdam.

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You can plug in your flights in the Heathrow connection tool. It will let you know what to expect. Pretty straightforward and follow the connections signs once inside the terminal.

As indicated your luggage will be checked through to Lisbon. No immigration as you do not enter the UK and are just transiting. Expect a security screening on route to your next flight.

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You won't be going through immigration in London. Use the link from the poster above to see the steps you take. Just follow the "flight connections" signs.

When you say goodbye to your bag in Houston you won''t see it again until Lisbon.

You will go through security again at Heathrow. Both United and TAP operate from Terminal 2. So no change of terminals.

Two hours is plenty of time.