Lucern to interlaken villages - rail or car?

Hi, i plan to spend 3N in Lucerne and 1N in an Interlaken village likely Murren. I intend to train into Lucerne from Rome, spend 1 night there, then visit Murren and spend a night there before spending 2 more nights back in Lucerne. In Lucerne, I plan to go Mt Titlis. With this itinerary, is it more economical and/or scenic to use public transport or to drive in my 4 days in the area? Thanks!

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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You cannot reach either Mürren or Mt. Titlis by car, so you would only be able to drive partway and then pay to leave the car parked while you continue on. The Swiss public transport system is wonderful and very efficient as well as scenic, so I would definitely recommend that over renting a car. You could even do part of the journey between Luzern and Interlaken Ost by boat on Brienzersee if you had the time. You migh tbenefit from a 4-day Swiss pass which would cover all your travel as far a Engelberg and Mürren, and will give you a 50% reduction on the Rotair cablecar up Mt. Titlis, and the Schilthornbahn above Mürren.

Posted by Sam
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You can't take a car to Muerren, it won't fit on the cable car. Rail transport is excellent.

Posted by Cat
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Hi thanks Lola and Sam! Will take rail then and check further.

Posted by Tim
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Mürren is not an Interlaken village. It's just a village called Mürren. It's like saying Knoxville is a Nashville Village. No, they might be close, but neither is contained in the other. It just seems that so many people speak so highly of Interlaken, but Interlaken is NOT the place with drop-dead gorgeous scenery and dramatic waterfalls. That scenery is a 20 minute train ride from Interlaken to a place called Lauterbrunnen. The mountain villages (Mürren, Wengen, Gimmelwald) are on either side of the valley...none of which are a part of Interlaken.

Posted by Ken
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Cat, As the others have mentioned, travelling on the wonderfully efficient Swiss rail system would be the best option. However, after reading your proposed Itinerary, I have a few concerns. Travelling from Rome to Lucerne (to spend only 1 night) will take the better part of a full day, so you'll have virtually NO time to look around. The first thought that occurred to me is "why bother". Another option you might consider would be to trave from Rome to Mürren for 2 nights and then move to Lucerne for 2 nights. That would allow at least one full day to look around Mürren. The trip from Mürren to Lucerne would be much shorter so you'd have about 1.5 days there. Happy travels!

Posted by Cat
Singapore, Singapore
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Hi thanks all! So my plan changes with more suggestions. Actually I did want to go Murren straight but wasn't confident of lugging big bags up cogwheel trains to Murren. Hence my plan to base from Lucerne and bring a day bag to Murren for one night. Should I reconsider? Is it easy to transfer luggage bags to the valley and up Murren? And my apologies for for mislabeling the places.

Posted by Nigel
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The Swiss transportation systems are used to tourists; and they are used to tourists traveling with steamer trunks which would make the Queen Mary look small. You can turn your luggage in at an origination station early in the morning and you can pick it up from your destination station in Muerren in the evening - so you have the best of both worlds. It doesn't matter that it will travel train - train - cablecar - train; it just goes along and is a fantastic system. If you want to lug it along, that's OK too. You will need to move it from train to train and when you get to the cablecar in Lauterbrunnen you can take in inside unless it is is really huge - if that's the case they will put it under the cablecar with the freight. The little train between Grutschalp at the top of the cablecar up from Lauterbrunnen has an open freight car for luggage too big to take in the train. It is easy, and fun. Really.