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My husband and I are taking a train from Paddington Station that leaves at 6:45am. We have to take Beckton DLR and it looks like the earliest departure is 6:33. I found this time on Can anyone verify that this is correct? If this is correct, is there an alternative way to get there besides taxi? Kayla

Posted by Ed
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You're looking in the right place. You'd probably get the same scoop if you used the bus tab. The tube generally fires up about five-thirty, but the pass through a particular station could be later. But, start time on Sundays and holidays is six-thirty. Did you plug in the right date or just pick something at random? Otherwise, it's going to be a taxi.

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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The timetable leaflet gives the time for the first departure on a Sunday as 0634, but what is a minute between friends. The first train on all other days is 0504. The only alternative public transport would be the night bus, but not at all practical for a journey such as this because you would need to make plenty of changes and leave at about 0330. The other alternative would be to stay somewhere near Paddington instead for this night.

Posted by Nigel
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Kayla, The DLR is always quite a slow means of transportation and has a lighter schedule than the Underground and buses normally. It won't help that you are at the end of a line. I didn't see in your post which date you need to be at Paddington. I picked the last Wednesday of this month, the 28th. You could take the Beckton DLR at 5:48, to Canning Town Underground. Only a one minute connection, but because I don't know Canning Town I don't know if that is a reasonable time or not. Then Jubilee Line Extension to Baker Street for a 4 minute connection at Baker Street to the Bakerloo Line (seems a little tight to me) for the 4 minute ride to Paddington, arriving at 6:29 which should just get you there in time. You could start 10 minutes, or even 20 minutes, earlier if that would make you more comfortable. OR are you going on a date with less service? You only found the first train at 6:33? Did you put in the details as arrival time at Paddington Rail Station? Could you fill in a couple of the gaps, please?

Posted by Kayla
Wichita, Kansas, United States
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Thanks for all the advice! We will be traveling Thursday the 29th. I entered the date and times on the site I previously mentioned and that was the earliest time that showed up. Since then I have downloaded the Tube Map app. It shows the first departure for Becktin leaving at 5:09 to Tower Gateway. Is that a good route to take?

Posted by Philip
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If you go to Tower Gateway you need to walk to the nearby Tower Hill station and get the Circle Line around to Paddington. I would say the timing is OK if you already have your train tickets. If you need to buy tickets at Paddington it might not be long enough.

Posted by Nigel
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You can go via the slow DLR all the way to Tower Gateway, then downstairs to the Tower Underground station and downstairs again, and all around on the Circle Line, the most unreliable and Circle Line all the way around. If that's the route you like, go for it. The route I suggested previously uses only half the distance on the DLR, then switches to the very modern Jubilee Line Extension (BTW - don't look for the word "Extension" on any map - it is just the Jubilee, but this new bit from Green Park to Stratford was very recently built and has more modern features like lifts and step free access) which moves very quickly and efficiently, all the way to Baker Street where you need a quick change for the short bit to Paddington. At that point is on the Circle Line or Hammersmith and City for the 2 stop jump to Paddington (or 3 stops on the Bakerloo). That's the route I'd choose, but you pays your money and takes your choice. There's more than one way to skin a feline rodent killer.

Posted by Nigel
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Kayla, where is this 6:45 train taking you? Is it the Heathrow Express to go home, or is it a day trip to some nice West Country location? If it is to go home there are other options...