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I will be traveling with one other person for four days in London. We will fly into Heathrow & need to use the Travelcard to get into London and then to Hampton Court the same day. There will be one other "day trip" to Windsor Castle; but all travel will be within Zones 1 & 2 the rest of the trip. Are the trains to Hampton Court & Windsor Castle included on the Travelcard if I buy for Zone 6? I know the Travelcard covers the tube & buses; but I'm confused about the trains it covers.
Any details you can provide specifically for Heathrow, Hampton Court & Windsor Castle and how I can use the Travelcard to get to/from each would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Heathrow is in Zone 6. Neither Heathrow Express nor Heathrow Connect accept Travelcards or Oyster. Hampton Court is in Zone 6. Trains, which originate in central London at Waterloo (zone 1) and are either direct or change at Surbiton (zone 6). Trains to Hampton Court are included. Windsor is a little more complicated. There are two stations. The first, Windsor & Eton Riverside is served by Southwest Trains from Waterloo. There may be a change or straight through. It is outside the zones, if you have a Zones 1-6 Travelcard you will need an extension ticket from the Boundary Zone 6 or Feltham. The other station is Windsor & Eton Central, served by First Great Western from Paddington. You will need to change at Slough. It is outside the zones, if you have a Zones 1-6 Travelcard you will need an extension ticket from the Boundary Zone 6 or West Drayton. These are easiest understood by reference to the former - still available - London Connections map or its replacement and more current London Rail and Tube Map. If you scroll down to the last map on the Station Interchange Maps you can see the relationship between the two stations.

Posted by Philip
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A six zone Travelcard will cover you to Hampton Court but not to Windsor, which is completely outside the Travelcard area. For Heathrow it will include travel by the Piccadilly Line underground but not by the Heathrow Express/Connect trains to Paddington. I would suggest using Oyster pay-as-you-go money rather than getting Travelcards, as the daily spend is capped at the cost of a Travelcard. You will still need to buy separate tickets to go to Windsor, or to use the Heathrow Express/Connect.

Posted by DLB
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Thanks so much for your responses, it has been very helpful.