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London to Rome

Interested in hearing some comments on the most reliable travel, and best experiences with flight from London to Rome.

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We like easyJet. Train is too long. Have no idea what most reliable is -- they all get there and no airline has a best experience but for the discount airlines we find easyJet a little better than some of the others like Ryan airline -- just read and follow their rules.

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best experiences with flight from London to Rome.

Hi Mike and Chris,

I'm not sure if I get your exact meaning. Do you mean you are in London and want to go to Rome? Or, do you mean you are laying over in London and then will board a connection to Rome.

I don't fly budget airlines so I can't give an accurate experience.

On trips to Italy, I've flown British Airways. The last two trips in the last two years have been to Rome. I fly out of Logan connecting at Heathrow onto FCO.

I really favor BA. The schedules, generous baggage policies and very nice, helpful and friendly Flight Attendants and other staff such as the Gate Agents. The food is not too bad. Snacks are served on the Airbus which I found to have very comfortable seating, more room, a lot less people (on the flights I've taken.)

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London to Rome is sufficiently long distance to fly. All other modes of travel are not practical: bus, train, boat would take too long. But to go by air is less reliable. Flights are cancelled more often than trains or buses. Despite that I would fly.

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It's just over a 2 hour flight. First check for a price. Then go on British Airways to see if there's much difference in their fare. Often the big legacy carriers will be close in price--and sometimes a better value when checked luggage and seat reservations are considered.
We flew Venice to Gatwick on British Airways for a great price last time we were there.

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I would opt for EasyJet from Gatwick. Usually 4 flights a day and reliable. They have no weight limit on hand luggage.

BA within Europe is no better than the value airlines, although usually much more expensive and no more reliable.

Ryanair from Stansted has weight restrictions on hand luggage and also has numerous flights per day to Rome.

Unless you have unlimited time and patience, flying is the only realistic mode of transport.

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Have always flown to Rome with BA for no other reason than maintaining frequent flyer status, better luggage policies but most importantly for me, the best choice of flight times. The budget airlines typically fly at unsociable hours and I'd rather pay £30 more to fly at 09:00 than 06:00.

If you take the option of a BA 'holiday' where you buy the flight plus hotel and car hire if you require it you can secure some genuine bargains that even the budget carriers cannot beat. I've ended up renting a car from Avis for 7 pence a day previously by adding it to a flight. My brother and his son flew to Mallorca in January and rented a VW Golf for a week all for £200 and I've flown with friends to Warsaw and spent two nights in the 5 star Westin for £130 each.

As much as I detest BA's race to the bottom to try and compete with the budget airlines they're still my preferred choice simply because of their fleet size, route map and the ability to secure absolute bargains when booking a hotel or car with a flight.

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Multiple carriers. Ryanair looks to be the cheapest but, as others have pointed out, you need to include baggage fees, etc. We flew Easy Jet from Gatwick to Lisbon, paid a bit more for the early boarding seats that allow more carry on baggage and felt it was worth it.