London to Paris Train

Are train tickets readily available? Will there be a problem getting seats on a Saturday in June without pre-purchased tickets or reservations?
I'm in the US. To get tickets on the train do I have a UK address?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Tickets for the Eurostar are almost always available. That is not the issue. The issue is pricing. The Eurostar took its training at the feet of the American airlines - constantly increasing ticket prices. The walk up price is very high but the three month out price is very reasonable. You can get tickets from a US address but you need to book it tomorrow.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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On a Saturday you can probably buy a ticket without early pre-purchase (especially if you are flexible on which train to catch), and if you follow the rules on booking times. But the nearer you get to your travel date, generally you will be paying a massive charge compared to what you can get if you pre-book as early as possible (even though June is not far away). If you can commit to a particular train you will save money. You do not need a UK address. Go to and buy on-line.

Posted by Laura
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I'd suggest that you go to and buy your ticket ASAP. The tickets go on sale 4 months out and the price only gets higher as you get closer to your travel date. You've probably missed the lowest cost tickets already. If you wait until the day of travel to buy they will be very expensive and some departures may be sold out. A U.S. address is fine. You can either choose to print them at home or pick them up at St Pancras train station when you depart.

Posted by Tim
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Book NOW! In June you'll be well into the summer travel season. If you wait until the last minute, it's quite likely that some departure times will be sold out and tickets certainly will be very expensive.

Posted by Ken
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Ronald, AFAIK, you can't just show up at the station and buy tickets for the EuroStar. These MUST be pre-purchased and you MUST check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure or you won't be riding. Note that you also have to go through airport-style security and clear French Passport control in London, so I'd leave lots of time. You'll be departing from London St. Pancras and arriving at Gare du Nord. Be sure to leave lots of time in getting to the station in London. As the others have mentioned, the EuroStar uses a "sliding scale", with prices increasing as the tickets sell out. June is not far away, so I suspect the cheapest tickets are already gone. At this point, you may have to take what you can get. You don't need to have a U.K. address to purchase tickets. It's been awhile since I last purchased, but as I recall I printed my ticket at home prior to departure. You may find it helpful to have a a look at the excellent Man In Seat 61 website, as there's an enormous amount of information there. Happy travels!

Posted by Philip
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You usually can turn up at St Pancras and get a Eurostar ticket to travel that day, but expect to pay over £100 single fare.

Posted by Kim
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Michael's chunnel campaign continues! I love seeing it pop up.

Posted by Nigel
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Michael's chunnel campaign continues! I used to get really angry because it is so childish and leads unsuspecting people to embarrass themselves when the correct answer is so easy - nah, now it just washes over me. I see others laughing at him. Too bad. So many of the other answers are golden.

Posted by Ken
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@Michael, I stand corrected. Of course, those buying at the station shortly before travel will be paying the highest fares and will have to take whatever tickets are available. The information about checking-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure is still applicable. I've also noticed your continuing chunnel campaign, presumably to "bait" unsuspecting posters. Interesting....