London to Amsterdam by DutchFlyer rail & sail

I am going to take the DutchFlyer rail & sail journey from London to Amsterdam on Aug 13, Tue. I've checked available tickets on The system arranges the train and ferry automatically. There's nowhere I can pick up a train scheduule after the ferry. I am quite concerned about the two train connections after the ferry. Ferry arrives Hoek van Holland at 7:45. The train leaves at 8:10. There's a 25 mins for exchange which seems fine. It arrives Schiedam Centrum at 8:36. The next connection train leaves at 8:42. There's only 6 minutes for exchange. If I cannot catch the 8:36 train, can I use same ticket to get on a next train to Amsterdam? Anybody has traveled on this route? I'll appreciate if I can get any info or advice on this trip.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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Your train tickets are valid anytime for one trip on the day of arrival. Shall you lose your first connecting train, there will be other within 30 minutes.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Unrelated to your question, where is Zhong, B.C.? Even Google, the great spy-eye in the sky, can't find it. Please help me with my geography.

Posted by Lucy
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Thanks Andre!
And thanks Southam too for the geography error.

Posted by Rose
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I've not actually done the Dutch Flyer trip, so was hesitant to comment, but there is a detailed timetable at: If I understand it correctly, there's only one train change - at Schiedam Centrum - and the arrival/departure timings give the impression that it's a quick and probably easy connection, like deboarding on one platform, walking across the platform, and directly onto a waiting train. Since Stena has arranged the ferry and rail connections all the way through to Amsterdam, it makes sense they would arrange a convenient connection. I would just be ready to deboard immediately as the train approaches Schiedam Centrum. There will probably be other people doing the same as you, who you might recognize from the ferry. I'm glad I learned about this from your post. Thanks!

Posted by Lucy
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I purchased the train ferry tickets yesterday. The fare include one train ticket from Liverpool to Harwich, ferry to Hoek van Hollan, and one train ticket to any Dutch destination. Four tickets for a 4-berth cabin is 252.50GBP.