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London parking

I'm renting a car - and believei t or not, it is cheaper to keep it while in London. However, I'm not sure where to park it...any suggestions?

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Maybe that rental car is not going to be so cheap after all of the parking charges are added in. What a pain to deal with a car while visiting London with all of its vast rail and underground networks.

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Have you factored in the astronomic price of parking (remember things are twice as expensive in the UK as they are in the US) and also the £8 or more you pay in congestion charge each time you enter London (most of it, though some suburbs are exempt).
I think you will quickly find that a car is NOT cheaper to keep in London and you will be much happier, get places much quicker and spend a lot less if you take public transportion. Your best bet is to get an OysterCard and charge it with whatever amount you need because the cost per ride is about half what it would be with a single ticket. And you can re-use the Oystercard whenever you are in London.


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Actually, I have and the car is still cheaper. I will not be driving IN London, just in the suburbs, parking the car and taking the rail in. Even with all that, it is still cheaper to keep the car rather than renting another one again.

I was just wondering if anyone had parked their car at a Tube station or in any other car parks. I was thinking of Hounslow, as I've been there several times.

Any suggestions?
Thanks so much to the people who've posted. I appreciate all the comments.

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I can guarantee that you don't want to drive in London. Besides the congestion charge, it is busy!!! and very hard to manuever through the one ways. For me the fact that there is rarely a way to go "around the block" makes it harder; I had to go through Picadilly Circus 3 times before I was able to cross all the lanes to make the turn. Depending on the company you rent from, some will allow you to park the car in their lots for the car's safty. Check with your company. Other than that, I have seen car parks with accommodations for between £5 and £10 per night.