London Heathrow Terminal 5 changing planes procedure?

Please walk me through the procedure of these flights. We are flying from USA to London Heathrow to Terminal 5 with checked in baggage. 3 hours later we are flying from Terminal 5 to Frankfurt with a separate airline ticket (not connecting flight)but same airline. When we get to London, what is the order of getting to next flight? eg. immigration, picking up baggage, checking in next flight and luggage~ Thank you..

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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First, when you get to the airport, ask if the airline will check your bag all the way through to Frankfurt. BA used to routinely do this, but they've changed the rules. I know they won't interline when you have separate tickets on two different airlines, but I don't know what their rule is if they are operating both flights. If you were able to do this, you would not have to go through immigration; instead, you would follow the signs for flight connections and go through a security check. If you are not able to check your bag through, you will follow the signs to passport control. Once you are through immigration, you will pick up your bags and exit the secure area. Arrivals is on the lower level. You will then go upstairs to the Departures level, check in (if you didn't check in online before you left the U.S.), drop off your bag, and go back through security to your gate.