London City Airport to Heathrow -- best plan?

I will need to change airports from London City Airport to Heathrow when I travel in Late March, 2013. I will have a 5-hour layover to make the change. I had a disaster when I had to switch from Heathrow to Gatwick with 2 hours 50 minutes earlier this year. Missed my flight, had to overnight, etc. Does anyone have recent experience traveling from London City to Heathrow?

Posted by Ed
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I did it in reverse last year. It's a combination of tube and DLR. It took a bit over an hour and a half from T4. I'm more than comfortable cracking the door at Heathrow at the two-hour mark. An hour's right on the edge of making me antsy. The only glitch I could think of would be the unpredictability of hiving out line closures for repairs or whatever they're always doing. I never know about it until I'm already down in the bowels. I don't know what a cab would cost, but I'll bet I couldn't drive it in an hour on my best day - - I could make it in two.

Posted by Philip
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Probably the best way to do it would be Docklands Light Railway to Canning Town, Jubilee Line to Westminster, District Line to Hammersmith, and Piccadilly to Heathrow (lifts at both Custom House and Westminster, cross-platform walk at Hammersmith). You could cut out one change by going directly from the Jubilee to the Piccadilly at Green Park, but that's a longer walk.

Posted by Keith
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Don't loose sight of Ed's comment about planed closures. Are you travelling on a Sunday? Philip's route is how I do it usually. Quicker but more expensively you can do this via Baker Street and Paddington and then the Heathrow Express.

Posted by Nelle
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Thank you, everyone, for your input. Regarding closures, does anyone know how I would go about finding out if there are any? I would check a few days before I go, and then continue checking until I depart for London. Specifically, is there a website one should check? Thanks again!