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locks for luggage in couchette

I will be traveling with 2 friends using night trains between Amsterdam, Munich and Prague. We have heard that we have to be careful that our bags are not rummaged through in the middle of the night while we are sleeping (or stolen all together). One night we have a private 3 person couchette so we are not too concerned (can we lock it?) but we will most likely have to share our couchette with a 4th person from Amsterdam to Munich. Can anyone recommend a good lock to protect our bags?

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I have a similar concern. We're traveling between Prague and Munich, and we'll be a group of 5 in a 6 person couchette. I wasn't so much concerned about a 6th person (if we even get a 6th person on a Sunday night), but about people coming INTO our cabin while we're sleeping. We won't have suitcases, but we'll have backpacks. So I don't think we can "lock" them. Are the bunks in the cabin big enough for us to put them above our heads? (Well, I'm only 5'0, so it may be easier for me!) Also, can we bring a bungie cord and "lock" the door and only open it for the conductors?

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Couchette doors lock from the inside. No bungee cord needed.