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Lockers in Belfast Airport or Train Station

Do they have lockers for luggage at either location? We'd like to tour the city for the day before a flight... This is one city that I'd think wouldn't have lockers due to violence in their past....

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You are correct to ask. Every few weeks I read about a location removing lockers for security reasons.

Find a source for airline or RR tickets which has a toll free phone number and call it to ask an agent about lockers. There may have been some last week BUT removed today. Get late and accurate info.

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Well, I've answered my own question. Still don't know if the train station and airport have lockers. But I found out from a hostel in Belfast that the Belfast Welcome Centre does. I contacted them and just received an email back verifying that they have a storage facility for luggage for 3-4.50 pounds depending on how many hours you wish to keep it there. Unfortunately, they are only open from 11am to 4pm the day we will be there (a Sunday), but it's better than nothing! I suppose after we pick up our backpacks (we're not using suitcases) we could go somewhere for dinner to kill time before heading to the airport. Thanks for being the only person to attempt an answer! Hopefully this information will come in handy for someone else in the future!

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Cannot ad to the answer and glad you got something that you can make work for you.

We were in Belfast last September and found it an unexpected joy. The city has been rejuvenated since the "troubles" and is a pleasure to walk around now. The troops are gone and the buildings have been spruced up. If you the the chance, go to Stormont, the parliament bilding. It is on the Hop on Hop off bus route. You probably wil not get in, but the grounds are impressive. It is one mile from the main gate to the front steps. George Bush is reputed to have looked in wonder and said, "Your White House is bigger than ours!"

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There are no left luggage/locker facilities at Belfast Airport; don't know about the train station but sounds like you've found another option.