Lisbon Car Rental

We are going to be renting a car in Lisbon for about 10 days. I've read so many horror stories I'm hoping for a recent , good experience recommendation. There's nothing complicated, we're not going into Spain, there's only two of us so we only need a small car and we're definitely not underage! Thanks

Posted by Karen
Santa Rosa, CA
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It's been since 2005 since we were in Portugal, but rented a car from Eurocar in Porto (left to the Douro immediately after picking up car), then 8 days later dropped the car off at the Lisbon airport before spending time in Lisbon. Driving in Portugal was easy, not a lot of traffic, and we used maps then, not a GPS. While you are in Lisbon or Porto, you do not need, nor would want to drive a car. Walking and public transportation do the trick.