Linda Line Ferry - Helsinki - Tallinn

Does anyone know how often the Linda Line Ferry is canceled for weather? I understand no-one knows what the weather will be, but if it's frequent of not. Have decided on this line for a trip in Mid May and am hoping it's not a mistake. If they are delayed will they make up the crossings later in the day or skip it all together? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Kyla
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
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We took the Linda Line from Helsinki to Tallinn in August 2007. It was choppy going over (but fast) and was cancelled on the way back. They put us on a big car ferry (Tallink, I think) on the way back, and we got back to Helskinki after dark (much later than we had planned) at a different dock.

Posted by ivan
Derby, United Kingdom
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Unless you have already booked, I would suggest using Tallink.
The crossing only takes 30 min longer, and the ferries are not as affected by the weather as Linda's boats.

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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We took that fast ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn a couple of years ago. The weather was bad so were the waves so the "fast" ferry went "slow". Small boat that was too crowded with little or no services available probably due to the weather. We decided that it was definitely not worth the extra money we paid over the price of the big, slow boat. We will take the big slow boat next time.

Posted by Chad
Denver, CO, USA
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Thanks for the opinion. It's a tough call, I'm intriqued by the Linda Line offer of 100 Euro round trip for a family of four. Seemed like a no brainer being at least 50% less than the larger and relatively slower boats but perhaps the certainty of the delivery makes it worth it. Also thought the boarding and unboarding of the smaller ship would be less of a hastle with two young ones in tow, but given some of the experiences listed above perhaps I've got to re-think. Thanks again for sharing your experience!