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Layovers in CDG and ATL??

In June I will be traveling back to the United States from Seville. I fly from Seville to CDG where I have an 1 hour 45 min layover then to ATL where I have a 2 hour layover before flying to my final destination. I am wondering if I will have enough time to get between terminals in CDG? Will I have to go through any sort of passport control, as I am going between two EU countries? Also wondering if I will have enough time to get through customs in Atlanta. My flight does arrive in Atlanta around 8 pm so I'm not sure if this means lines won't be as long. Thank you for your help!

Also: I will be arriving at CDG in terminal 2G and leaving from 2E

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You will need to go through Passport Control in Paris to exit the Schengen zone. Providing your flights are all on one ticket, you should have enough time; otherwise the airline wouldn't be allowed to sell those connections. Just don't dawdle until you are past both Passport Control and Security.

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Providing your flights are all on one ticket,

That is the critical point

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Atlanta is my home airport. Without any major delays two hours should be enough. I think they still honor mobile passport which I used to use until I got global entry; if the lane for mobile passport isn’t open, ask about it and sometimes they route you through faster.

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Flew into Atlanta Tuesday evening. Mobile passport was not option open and I don’t think they were moving people to shorter lines because they were asking. I saw a lot of panicked people as I was walking towards the global entry line. If you had a foreign passport the line was actually much shorter than if you were coming back in the United States. We are very open to foreign guest. We just don’t want you to come home.

Of course, this is the same airport where I once watched an immigration agent interrogate a Delta flight attendant (who was in uniform) because they had lots of stamps in their passport. Wonder what they do for a living?)