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Layover in London

We arrive in Heathrow from Madrid at 9:30am and depart for the U.S. at 20:05pm. Is there enough time to head into London around Buckingham Palace to sightsee? Also do we have to bring our luggage through customs in Heathrow or will they just go directly to our departing flight?
Thank you

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Are you on one ticket from Madrid to your home airport? That will determine whether you can check your bag thru or not.

Depending on when you are traveling and what the current Covid protocols are at that time, and if your flight times don't change, lol, you can get in to Central London via the tube or National Express bus. An even easier suggestion is to take a taxi to Windsor which is nearby and tour Windsor Castle.

I'd want to head back to the airport about 4PM so you are there 3 hours ahead at minimum.

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Assuming you are on one ticket and just changing planes, then your luggage would be checked through to the first stop in the US. To enter London you would have to go through immigration and customs but you have nothing for customs. And when you return to the airport you will need to go through exit control from England. Allow a couple of hours for returning. You have a good six hours, maybe seven. Since you are checked-in and have boarding pass, you don't need to be three hours ahead of time.

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There is no exit control in the UK. When you get back to Heathrow you will have to go through security.