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Layover in Amsterdam

My sister and I are taking the RS Venice, Florence & Rome tour in October 2008. I was playing around with the flight planning on Travelocity and found that there was a flight - SFO to Amsterdam - with a 10 hour layover - before departing to Venice.

Is it worth it? Has anyone ever tried this? I would think we would have a good 6 or 7 hours wandering around the town center of Amsterdam - on a Saturday. (As long as we can check bags) We would arrive in Venice at 10:30 at night - would this pose a problem?

Thanks in advance to everyone who answers!

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It shouldn't pose much of a problem. If your not able to check your bags straight through to Venice, there are lockers available at Schipol Airport. There are direct trains between the airport and Centraal Station which run every 15 minutes and take about 20 minutes.

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You must get into the city. You can literally get out of that airport in about 20 minutes (without delays) and just get a RT train ticket to Centraal Station right from the airport.

You'll have plenty of time and I would consider taking a canal trip, even visiting Anne Frank House and just walking around in general. If you are interested in visiting the AF House, just make sure you buy the tickets on-line in advance so you won't have to wait in line. You can just walk right in through a glass door to the left of the main entrance and bypass hundreds of people. IT'S GREAT!

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One tip save your recept from locker I was under some stress (kidney stone pain) .I couldnt find locker but wonderful aid at schpol helped me . Pay attention to location

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Was there several years ago and they had ads for trips into town and promise to get you back for your flight.

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For your time in Amsterdam I suggest one of two alternatives, either take a canal boat tour of the city or rent bicycles and ride around. Both will get you out in the open air which will help get you past the jet lag.

The Rijksmuseum has a display at the airport, you can see that when you arrive back early for your flight out.

I'm not sure about the checking bags question. Doesn't Rick still require one carry-on each? If you carry on, you can store your bags in a locker at the airport while you go into town.

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I began my first trip to Europe back in 2003 in Amsterdam. On the train from the airport to A'dam, I met a young Venezuelan couple on their honeymoon that had a similar layover situation to yours (I took Rick's extrovert advice and started a conversation with them - normally I'm an introvert).

We ended up taking one of the canal boat tours together, which was a fun way to see the city and learn about some key sites & history. At the end we took photos with each other and said pleasant goodbyes. I believe they spent their remaining time walking around the city before hopping the train back to the airport.

So, yes, you can have some fun on your A'dam layover - especially if you step out of your comfort zone and meet some fellow travelers!

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Ian, Brad, and Erik are right. Centraal station is right in the heart of Amsterdam and you have enough time to enjoy. We had a 6 hour layover, used the lockers, and really rushed to see just the center. The train trip for us was more like 30 minutes each way (remember waiting time) and you have to budget time for passport control on the way back. Still, a canal boat tour and/or the Anne Frank house would be do-able with a 10 hr. stop, especially if you have your tickets. I can't speak to the issue of a late arrival in Venice. It does seem to be a rule that the first things you see on a trip become your favorites. Amsterdam is a worthy fav., and I think your jet-lag will be reduced by the time you get to Venice. Have a wonderful trip!