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Laying over in Frankfurt between Seattle and Porto - what to expect?

My wife and I are flying from Seattle to Porto, via Frankfurt. Our layover is 3h40m. It looks like in and outbound flights are in Terminal 1, but possibly different concourses. I'm assuming we'll have to have our passports checked here before flying on to Porto. Is this correct? What other things can we expect during this layover. We should both be carrying our luggage on, by the way.

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You will have your passports checked in Frankfurt, and also pass through another security screening before you arrive at your connecting gate. Frankfurt is very thorough with security checks, so make sure you allow time for it.

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Almost 4 hours seems like a lot, but time will go fast. If your flight is late, you will have even less time.

After passing security, find out how far it is and allow enough time to walk to your departure gate. Check your bags and walk around.

There are lots of shops to visit and you can walk to another terminal underground if you choose. Finding something to occupy your time will not be a problem.

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A few years ago, we connected through Frankfurt from Munich (Concourse A) to Denver (Concourse B). We had about an hour and made it with carryon luggage. We used the tunnel that connects Concourses A & B). As I remember, we went through security three times! We also had an outgoing Passport Control check.

You can use FRA's website to find gates.

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Thanks all. I figured our 3+ hours should be enough to be sure we have plenty of time. We can find an ATM and get some Euros while we're there. We've had the short layover before and found ourselves rushing. I prefer not to do that. But it will also help get a feel for the process when we come back from Barcelona and transfer at FRA back to SEA.