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Latest Alitalia/ITA News

The EU, thanks largely to Covid, has given their blessings to Italy's cash infusions to the airline over the past year. However, the EU does want Alitalia/ITA to cough up some of it's slots, especially at Linate (where it currently holds 2/3 of the slots) and Fiumicino. This has brought the predictable howls of protest from the old/new airline.

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Well, talks between Italy and the EU appear to have reached the beginning of the end for Alitalia. Reportedly to be finalized within the next week...

  1. Alitalia will be no more...ITA will be a new company.
  2. Major job losses (~75% reduction)
  3. Loss of 98 slots, mostly at Linate and Fiumicino
  4. ITA will have about 1/2 the number of aircraft
  5. Probably doesn't affect anybody here, but ITA will not be allowed to take over Alitalia's frequent flyer program
  6. Smaller cash infusion from Italian govt than the Italians wanted ("only" €1.7 billion vs. 3.5)

Details here...

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So the airline with nine lives might finally come to an end? It will interesting to see how ITA will survive.