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Laptops on trains?

Is there a power supply on European trains for laptops? You know, something to plug into, and if so, what connector is used?

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The first class seats on fast trains like Eurostar (both the Italian and London-Paris), ICE, Thalys, TGV, and other fast trains in other countries have outlets.
They use regular European two-prong outlets

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I rode in 2nd class on a Eurocity (EC) train in Germany, and it had a power connector. I think it was the type of receptacle that accepts two round pins. I'm sure it wasn't US, and I couldn't have used it unless it was the two pin type.

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I found that most of the trains that I travelled in didn't have an outlet next to my seat, even in first class except for a few like the ones mentioned earlier. But, most seem to have an outlet in the toilet for electric razors and such. One guy I was travelling with had to sit in the toilet to charge up his cell phone.

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Glad I wasn't on a train with that guy. Not very considerate, tying up the toilet just to charge your cell phone...