Lake Bled to Venice options?

We will be ending our Eastern Europe tour in Lake Bled and then heading to Venice for a few days before heading home. What are the easiest and quickest options (preferably via train, bus is OK if that works better) for getting from Lake Bled to Venice?

Posted by Jan
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Last time I went to Europe, I flew into Venice and trained to Lake Bled. It was complicated and it drove my travel agent crazy, but I took a bus from the airport to the main Venice train station, took the train to Gorizia, Italy. Then I had to take a city bus across the border to the train terminal in the sister city of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The train went straight to Lake Bled, and a passenger I met on the nearly empty train gave me a ride to my small hotel in Bled. I did a lot of research before the trip - including travel forums - and this was what I was advised to do. It all worked like clockwork because I had researched it ahead of time. Good luck.

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if you look under Slovenia in the first column, there are several recommendations for Go Opti. when we traveled from venice to lake bled and back a few weeks ago, we had rented a car just for that 48 hours......(at the marco polo airport) but that included a few more stressors, I understand the desire to leave the driving to someone else.......

Posted by Laura
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Bus is faster and more direct, as described on the link above. Most "train" departures require 1 - 2 connections, and often include a bus.

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Hi Rebecca,
We did this May 2013 after our Eastern Europe tour ended. Check out the DB Bahn web page. What you will need to enter is
Bled Jezero to Venezia Santa Lucia. The train station is on the other side of the Lake and our tour guide arranged a van to take us there, maybe 10Euros. Also, our guide helped us in Prague to purchase our train tickets, again very cheap. Train ride took 5 1/2 hours through some pretty amazing scenery. So here is what happens, you board the local train in Bled Jezero which you take to the end of the line to Nova Gorica, Slovenia. You will than have to take a local bus or taxi to the train station in Gorizia Italy to the Gorizia Centrale (train station).
( you can walk it, but since you don't know where you are going I wouldn't) We used a local bus and it took maybe 10-15 mins tops. At the train station in Gorizia you take the train to Venezia Santa Lucia, if you are staying on the Island.
I believe we took the 8:31 am train and arrived Venice at 1:30pm. Note these trains are local so there is no food service, and I don't remember the WC situation. Note you have 40 min between trains.

Hope this helps.

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Posted by Steve
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We also did this trip at the end of the Eastern Europe Trip. We simply went from Bled Jezero (our guide arranged for our travel there. We bought a train ticket from there to Venice via the train to Villach, Austria then a bus to Venice. The bus was right outside the train station in Villach, well marked and good quality.

Posted by Debbie
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Hi to Steve (and Sara) who posted before me. We were on the RS trip together. As Steve mentioned he bought tickets in country for their transfer to Venice. They were much braver than us. We wanted the comfort to know all transportation was booked. We bought ours in USA ahead of time. Call Rail Europe, they can answer all questions you have. I will mention that the train station was Lesce Bled, not Jezero (that station is for slow tourist trains into the mountains) It couldn't have been any easier than taking the one hour train to Villach, Austria, transferring to bus (in the same building) and ending in Venice (took a little more than 4 hours total) Our ticket had Venezia Mestre printed on it but we stayed on the bus into Venezia Santa Lucia as we were staying on the island.

Our tour guide said this was the best way to get to Venice. She also arranged our taxi's to the train station early in the AM and had the hotel open breakfast for us early. That is why we love RS tours.