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Krakow to Prague Night Train

Hi there--

Searching for information on the night train from Krakow to Prague, I've found a few sites that mention prices way lower than what is offered by RailEurope (also, RailEurope only seems to offer the more expensive compartment choices, and certainly not the reclining seats (which are apparently only 3 EUR?!!?). However, these sites are usually only secondhand information, and never offer a means to book tickets.

My question is, does anyone know a way to book these tickets outside of RailEurope? Is it necessary to book in advance, or will I be able to buy tickets on the day of departure (early May) at the train station in Krakow?

Thanks :-)

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I don't know about the night train, but I traveled the same route by day last year. The tickets were surprisingly cheap- sorry, I can't recall the exact price- and I simply bought them the same day at the station.

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If you are spending a few days in Krakow, book it as soon as you get there. Rick's Eastern Europe book mentions Orbis travel agent. It's easy to find at the top of Krakow's huge main market square.

In February, my girlfriend and I booked a double sleeper compartment - far nicer and more private than a couchette obviously, though don't expect international airline 1st class. Bought the tickets at Orbis, and with the sleeper reservation my credit card was charged $171.13 - about $85 a person. If you go couchette, you'll save $20 to $30 a person over that.

For the east, in general buying tickets at the station or a travel agent in the city isn't a problem. In stations, I look for Wasteels offices. Rick mentions one in Prague's main station but they are all over. I know they have offices in many train stations throughout Europe - Budapest-Keleti, Brasov in Romania, plus western cities as well. Comission free ticket sales and they speak English!