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KLM's MD-11 vs Airbus 300

When I look at departing flights today from Vancouver BC they have an Airbus 300 on KLM's flight to AMS. When I leave on the flight I've booked June 3rd, they are using the MD-ll. I prefer the Airbus 300 because it has just two seats on the sides, where I like to sit. Today its' 89 days until flight so should be able to request a seat but it's not ready. Does anyone have any in site on the likelihood of the flight staying with the Airbus?

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I just dropped your details into They are showing that KLM 682 from Vancouver to Amsterdam on June 3 is an MD-11. Also, a quick look at KLM's page

indicates that KLM does not operate the Airbus A300.

If its any consolation, the outboard sides of last row of the MD-11 only have two seats. The only problem with these seats is that you are literally the last two people off the plane.

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I think you meant the A330 as the A300 is a short haul aircraft not capable of flying from Vancouver to AMS nonstop.

A great resource in helping to choose seats is

And if the schedule says MD-11, I'd bet it's going to be an MD-11

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I've been on Delta's and China Airlines' MD-11 and both only had a two-seater on the sides...