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KLM now offering cash refunds if they cancel the flight

Someone posted a list of airlines a while back that were offering refunds vs. vouchers. KLM was one of the worst ones. I have a flight booked through them for mid-July from Berlin to Reykjavik. I had held off on doing anything with it because, honestly, it was too depressing and there was no penalty for waiting to cancel.

Anyway, I got an email from them today saying that they had canceled my flight and I could go online and either request a voucher or a refund. Of course they are pushing the voucher pretty hard, but here's the conditions for the refund:

If your flight was cancelled, you may be entitled to a refund. Bear in mind that conditions vary, depending on who cancelled the flight (you or the airline) and when it was done. If the airline cancelled your flight on or after 15 May 2020, you can request a refund in the form of a voucher or cash. If it was done before then, or if you cancelled the flight yourself, you can only opt for a voucher.

I submitted the online form. We'll see how long it takes to get a refund. I also wonder if they will refund me the whole thing or just the KLM part, since it was a connecting flight. The Berlin to Amsterdam part was on KLM, and the Amsterdam to Reykjavik part was on Icelandair, who I hear is also only doing vouchers. But, I booked the whole thing on one ticket via the KLM website directly so hopefully I get a refund of the whole thing.

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Iceland Air also offers full refunds if you read past their voucher offers and then click on the appropriate link.