KD Rhine Schedule

I know trains are on time but do the KD Rhine boats run like clockwork too? I'm guessing boats may be behind schedule. My train to St. Goar gets into town when the boat is scheduled to depart. If the ships tend to run late, I can probably make it. Isn't the boat ramp close to the train station?

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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I took the boat once, and I don't recall it being late. I wouldn't count on it. The boat dock is in the market square, a few blocks down the hill from the train station, but it will take at least a few minutes to go from the station to the dock. You might consider getting off the train early in Bacharach, or going on to Bacharach and coming back to St Goar on the boat. It takes about half an hour less going from Bacharach to St Goar, down the river, than up the river, from St Goar to Bacharach.