I am looking to fly out of JFK(NY) to CDG(PARIS) in November. Delta has a flight round trip for $1180. With no layover should I book now or watch?

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Will you sue if I'm wrong? My gut is to set up a flight watch with Kayak. Fuel prices are dropping, it is 7 months away, it is an off season, and someone is liable to run a sale between now and then. If your plan is flexible, that can have an effect as well. Wanting a nonstop limits you a bit. Give it a couple of months.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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On the other hand, look at the fares now for this summer, beginning in June. They're higher than that November quote. If you wait until September, the November quotes may go down, but enough to compensate for four months of worry? They could always go up, but my guess is that's a slim possibility. But we're all guessing; there is no one answer. Each customer must decide on a personal tolerance of risk.

Posted by steven
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One more thought , the JFK - CDG ( and CDG - JFK ) are popular , heavily traveled routes . My experience , watching them and booking passage on them is that they fill up very fast . I booked CDG - JFK for this coming November back in December of 2012 and the flight I wanted was already pretty full then . One bit of advice : try making a " dummy " booking on Delta and take a look at seat availability when you do it . That will give you an idea of how full things might be getting . EDIT : by the way ,the price I got JFK - Prague ; CDG - JFK was right at the price you are seeing .

Posted by gone
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hi, hers my 0.01. if you dont have any other reservations paid like hotels and such, then play the game of wait n see. worse case, if above, you have will pay more or have to rebook/reschedule your trip for a later date. happy trails.