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Jetlag tips?

Any one know any great jetlag tips?

Do the expensive pills that say they work actually work?

Am flying from Seattle to Vancouver BC (4hr layover)to London (6 hr layover) to Madrid...


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I buy a small dosage of Melatonin at places like vitamin cottage, etc. It seems to help me (you take the day you leave - close to bedtime at your destination), but the best thing is to re-set your clock as soon as you leave the ground and get into the sun as soon as possible when you get to Europe. If we have a long layover, we at least sit in the sun by a window if we can. I often use Benadryl as a sleep aid for the first few nights (it's what's in Tylenol PM). Stay up as late as you can that first night, set an alarm so you get up the next morning and get outside. No need for expensive medicines.

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I've had great luck with the "No JetLag" brand Pills
they are Homeopathic.

I've used them on several trips and will continue to.

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that is a long trip.
I second No Jet Lag.
Used them before and they were great, we arrived in London at 3am. Could not formally check into our hotel until 2pm. So we left our luggage and started sight seeing, checked in settled and then kept going until midnight, I felt fine.

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One thing that always helps with jet lag is when you arrive at your destination, get out into the daylight. I had a 20 minute walk to my hotel from the Rome train station after having traveled from California (14-15 hours flying time plus layovers) and the walk really helped. I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I would be, and managed to explore, have lunch and see the Trevi fountain before going to bed early. By the next day, I was close to adjusting to the new time zone.

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Unfortunately we don't even land until 11pm in Madrid so we'll have to wait for morning to get out and enjoy the sun.

Thanks for all the tips!