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Jet Lag

I am blessed as some of my 37 year old Friends get bad Jet Lag when they travel. I am very fortunate that I can operate on 4 hours of sleep if need be but I generally get 6-9 hours of good sleep . This is what i do to prevent Jet Lag

I take a flight leaving SFO at 6 PM and connect via Istanbul arriving Tel Aviv at midnight. On the first flight I try to get 8-10 hours of sleep, Then I stay up until 1-2 AM TLV Time. Before my flights I take Melatonin starting 5 days before and on the plane 30 minutes before I want to sleep. I really don't do the go to bed an hour earlier as I just listen to my body.

On the day of travel I do light stretching and take a walk. I always like getting to the airport early to avoid any stresses and go to the lounge before the flight . I will adopt a High Carb dinner the night before to help with sleep. In the lounge I'll have a cocktail or Whiskey. On the flight I'll drink some Wine too with water as well. Every body is different.

I bring along an airline amenity kit just in case one is not provided with a good eyeshade, socks , toothbrush and toothpaste. Generally for the first part of the flight I stay awake and enjoy a movie. When I go to sleep I put on my noise cancelling headphones and good music! I'll then get up and walk around the cabi to get a snack and something to drink.

After this I'll have the Breakfast and then stay up until 1-2 AM local time in Tel Aviv. I enjoy a nice shower at the Istanbul Lounge. Turkish Air offered blocking the middle seat on all flights for $544 so I will lift up the leg rest and use the middle seat's space to help me sleep. I also love having the map on on one TV and a movie on my own TV. Its totally worth it to purchase an Extra Seat. United charges a lot for Premium Economy and I like to be towards the front of the plane.

I also like bringing my own movie snacks like Milk Duds, Popcorn that I buy from the Farmers Market and make my own Snack Mix and trail mix. I will have this stash in case of an emergency too.

Anything to make the flight easier is fine by me! Hope these tips help.

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It’s great that you’ve got a good strategy, and get such successful results. As I get older, jet lag seems to be more of a problem. I can try some of your suggestions next time. Thanks!

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I admire people like you. My work demands and my poor organizational skills usually result in me finishing packing at 2 am the night before departure, working on vast amounts of work stuff during my layover in Atlanta, and injecting Red Bull into my veins upon arrival in Europe*. I'm looking forward to repeating this bad habit later this week.

*hyperbole. Please do not inject Red Bull into your veins.

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Dave, what about a shot of espresso?

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Cyn... make it a double shot.

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I find that I don't get bad jet lag when flying East to Europe from here on the West coast of N. America.
I've decided it's because I am so thrilled to be going somewhere, that I just want to get out and about to see and do everything when I get there, and not waste a minute.
I don't sleep well at the best of times at home, and it's the same in Europe.
I don't drink alcohol on a flight, and try and drink water every time it is offered.
I also bring my own snacks for a flight: carrots, grapes, nuts and raisins, granola bars.
I do take "No-Jet-Lag", a herbal supplement, from New Zealand I believe, available at health food shops.
You take it before a flight, then every two hours in flight, then one after you arrive.
No idea if it helps me! ; but after I check in to my accommodation, have a shower and some food, I generally feel ok.
Coming home is a different story.
I'm a zombie, going to bed at 6-7 pm for at least a week after a big trip.