Italy to Paris transportation queston

Hi We've been to Italy many times, but would like to travel from Italy to Paris either via train, plane or bus. Most likely we'd be leaving from Florence or Bologna but that is still flexible. Would welcome any input/opinions as to easiest vs economical.

Posted by Bob
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Hi maggie. Try - very reliable airline; they fly from either Bologna or Pisa to Paris. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Fly , try Easyjet or Vueling from Florence. Its about 1.5 hour flight, even with extra time at airport much faster then taking the train and can be even cheaper if you book ahead.We flew last summer from Barcelona to Paris, with all fees and taxes included, plus paying for checked bags, cost was 97 euros for two people. Same journey on train in shared cabin was going to be over 68 euros EACH. Do read conditions and luggage allowances . Used both airlines myself, both are good.
I take trains for journeys of less then 5-6 hours, planes for longer ones . Night trains do not interest me, can't afford private cabin and not interested in sharing the couchettes( they will put strangers in with you if you do not fill the cabin with your group) and using bathroom down the hall( and you can imagine what it looks like in am)