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Italian Gov Takes Full Control of Alitalia

Italian Government Takes Full Control Of Alitalia
Alitalia being renationalized
The Italian government has today announced a variety of ways in which they’ll provide aid to businesses, and among those is €600 million of additional funding for Alitalia. With this plan, we’ll see Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance form a new state-owned business to run Alitalia.

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I knew the Italian government wouldn't let it die!

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So the EU rules on state aid don't apply to the Italian government?

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Leave coronavirus a good week working, and every single EU country will be doing the same, if not with the air companies, with any other sort of enterprises. In two weeks you may wonder if there is still an EU at all. - As for Italy, after seeing the behavior of fellow EU countries and the way Mrs. Lagarde botched her press announcement, it will be politically very difficult for any government to go ahead with EU requests in the future.

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As for Italy, after seeing the behavior of fellow EU countries....

Absolutely! Germany has been topping the league of ignoring EU rules jointly with Spain, followed closely by France, Portugal, Greece and Belgium

It would come as no surprise, and I could only ever view it as something beneficial, that other countries will follow Italy's lead and start to provide much needed government assistance.