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Is the night train from Nice to Florence safe?

We are traveling from the Provence area to Florence, Italy. I have traveled by this same night train years ago in college and was robbed. We(3)were sleeping in a sleeper and the police said they poured chloraform(sp?) on a newspaper and slid it under the door. The door was locked, however they got it somehow. I know how it was done, but I know better now. I am checking on a flight to Florence if its possible. Thanks!!

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We did Florence to Paris (generally similar trip) and other than losing our sleeper to a French train worker's strike, we had no problems in our couchette. When we do have a sleeper we usually just put our suitcases in front of the door anyway.

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Sam beat me to it. You could not get enough concentration to affect anyone. They are a lot of unconfirmed stories around sleeping gas and trail cars.