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Is it better to fly from Madrid to Barcalona or take a train

Is it a lot less trouble to take a train from Madrid to Barcalona or fly. It sounds like a lot of trouble to get to and back from the airports?

Also the same question for Lisbon to Madrid. Train or fly?

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Six of one, half a dozen of the other. The time for each is about the same, downtown to downtown, altho once they get the AVE high speed link fully complete, it'll be faster to take the train. If you find a deal on a flight, take long as it's not too early, since a 6 or 7 am flight will require you to be at the airport by 430 or 530...and that means a cab ride paying night-time AND airport supplement $35 - 40 Euro). Otherwise, it's a subway ride to the airport....and bus from Barcelona airport to downtown. All comes down to price versus efficiency. Check train schedules and prices at, and vueling, Spanair, and Iberia for flights.

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I flew from Barcelona to Madrid, and Iberia has a commuter flight departing every hour on the hour from 9 to like 7 pm.

I arrived 1 hour prior to departure with my hand luggage, and got on the 12:15 flight without a problem.

If you are in no hurry, and want to see the sites, then take the train. The bonus of the train is it takes you to the city center.