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Is a small backpack considered a personal bag?

I want to take a wheeled carry-on and a small backpack. THis backpack is one that is used as a school bag.It's not a traditional backpackers pack. Can it be used as my personal bag? I thought it would come in handy once I get to my destination. Thanks!

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I travel that way all the time on domestic flights and flights to Europe. Be advised however that once you hit Europe you will be allowed one and only one carry-on bag meaning either you can choose your wheeled carry-on OR your small backpack but not both. Also if you are transiting Heathrow your carry on must fit securities' guidelines never mind what the airline would allow. Heathrow security can and does send people back to check their bag. Once through security I take my cloth purse back out of my backpack, my paperback and lunch out of my coat pockets - you get the picture!

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I had this same question myself. I'm flying American Airlines round trip. According to their website, a small backpack/tote bag is considered a personal bag and not subjected to the one carry on limit. But, like a previous poster stated, coming home from Europe may be a different story.

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