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is 8 min enough time????

Is 8 minutes enough time in the Stuttgart train station to change from a TGV train to an ICE??

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Without meaning to sound rude and give you a short answer, I wouldn't try it on a bet. Been in too many unfamiliar train stations (including Stuttgart) where we didn't know the lay of the land and it took several minutes to figure things out. Try to build in some extra time if you can. Better to have a little extra time and be bored than stressed out.

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No. Also with respect, how can you assume that your arriving train will be within 8 minutes of on time? It's not a reasonable assumption for any mode of public transportation in the entire world, welfare-state or tax-starved-American-state!

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Mainly it depends on how close the two tracks are to each other and if the connecting ICE is late. If, instead, your TGV is late, then that connecting ICE will wait until the TGV arrives. The connecting ICE is informed of this delay (vorgemeldet).

It sounds like you are taking the Paris to Stuttgart on the TGV, then changing to Munich on the ICE. If so, the arriving track (Gleis) and the departing track for the ICE are not too far way, (Gleis 13 to Gleis 15, it this is indeed your route) but it's still cutting it close. Without luggage it can be done much easily.

When it's announced that in a few minutes the TGV will be arriving at the Hbf, start gathering your luggage, head to the exit, so that you'll be the first or so to get off.

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This is a dead-end station, where trains arrive in one big room, so you need not use any stairs, bridge, or tunnel to get between tracks. DB train schedules let you drill down to "Station Information" for Stuttgart, including a map.

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If your ticket would allow you to take the next train if you missed this one, I would go for it. The Stuttgart station is large but well marked. I definitely agree that you want to be ready with your bag to step off the train, and it would help if you're in a train car that's close to the front of the train - may want to walk through some train cars to be near the front as it stops.

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I'm sure if it both trains are shown on one ticket, the Bahn expects you to make the connection. This is a pretty major connection. If the TGV is late, they will undoubtedly hold the connecting train. However, there are ICEs to Munich every hour and others (IC/EC) in between. You should not have any trouble continuing on.

If you are on a full fare ticket, it will be good on any express train that day. If you are on a train-specific Savings Fare ticket, and you miss your connecting train because the first train is late, go to the ticket counter. The clerk will check that the first train was really late and modify your ticket so you can use the next train.

The main thing to remember when changing trains is that this is not an aircraft. You don't have to remain seated until the train comes to a stop. When you are almost to the station, get up and go with your luggage to the door. When the train stops get out and go to the next platform. Stuttgart is a dead-end station, so you can just go to the end of the track and find the new platform. Just stay with the herd. Other people will be making the same connection.

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Plenty of time if the first train is not delayed more than five minutes. The connecting train will wait for a couple of minutes. I've done this type of connection many times in Germany.

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I've worried about train connection times in the past, but it has always worked out!

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If it is on a single ticket and miss the connection because of a late-arriving train, you will get on the next train to your destination, and even get a new seat reservation if you had one on the originating connecting train. I am looking at the schedule for weekday in May and I don't see any connection times on the Paris-Munich route shorter than 15 minutes. Can you share your date and time of travel from where to where? Then we can advise a little better.

The Swiss would consider an 8 minute connection time as enough to pick up a cup of coffee at the platform snack bar on the way to the connection.

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Thanks for all the help!

I actually opted to get a ticket that went straight to Munich from Paris so I didn't have to deal with all the possible stress.
Thanks for all your suggestions I really appreciate it!

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Yes, if a direct train is an option, take it.