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Irish Rover Tourist Bus Pass

I'm a bit confused by the description of the Irish Rover Bus Pass. Has anyone used it before? We're using the bus to make three major "jumps": Dublin to Galway (stay for 2 days), Galway to Portrush (stay for 3 days), then Portrush to Dublin. When the website says "Valid for 3 days out of 6", do those 3 days of travel have to happen consecutively, or can they be used in a situation like the one I describe above (used one day, wait 2 days, used again, wait 3 days, used a third time)? Any input is appreciated!

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From when I looked into it, I recall that it operated like a flexipass, basically you can choose any 3 days in that 6 day period, the 6 day period is consecutive, the three days can be split up however you wish.