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Ireland to France, Spain, or Italy

I will be traveling in Europe this summer and the plane ticket I am thinking about buying is a roundtrip flight to and from Dublin. I was thinking it would probably be the least expensive option to take a ferry to the mainland, but I can't seem to find one. I don't care which country the ferry takes me to as long as it gets me to the mainland and I can book it online. Any suggestions?

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I assume you're flying Aer Lingus, which is offering some great deals to Dublin from Dulles as of 6 August....they've recently morphed into a discount carrier. If not, just look for the cheapest way to get to the continent...Dublin may not be the least expensive. If you do go to Dublin, check out Aer Lingus and Ryanair for flights to the continent. Ferries can actually be quite expensive, and the journey can cut into your time, especially if you then have to traverse all the way to Spain or Italy. Try flying from Dublin to the farthest reaches of your journey (Italy or Spain) then work your way back. You could wrap it up with time in Paris, then fly back from CDG to Dublin via Aer Lingus to catch your flight home.

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Hey Erin, we are flying Ryan Air from Brussels to Dublin for $50 (includes bag fee, taxes, etc.) which is a lot less than the ferry we took last time and takes 2 hours instead of 18 + 3 or 4 into Dublin from Rosslare. I have yet to experience this and have seen a number of complaints about Ryan Air, but as I'm a cheap traveler I expect gliches and as long as I get there without paying more, I'm happy.