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Ireland carryon size limit

Heading to Ireland in May and the Aer Lingus rules for sizes of carry-on purse/backpack do not accommodate my RS Civita Day bag. Is that really true? I don't want to check it as it will have my meds, etc. The height limit for a carryon is 10 inches per their website. Has anyone flown there recently?
Gerri Tyler

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I didn't know countries were limiting carry on sizes. LOL

If you're talking about Aer Lingus you'll be fine. Remember, the bag is not rigid. Just don't fill it to the brim.

The limit is 13 x 10 x 5.....but the bag is squishable.

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Thanks! I just wasn't sure how strict they were. I couldn't imagine a Rick bag not being in compliance!

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You're always OK iwth backpacks - soft bags - they can squish down. Air Lingus is quite generous in their personal item sizes - many are smaller in Europe.

Beware that there is a weight limit too - as in most countries outside of the USA.

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Aer Lingus has changed their policy on baggage--according to their website. You can always carry on a small bag to put under seat--like a medical device or big purse. That's where you carry your meds which are too important to check.

Let me just get you to read the airline's somewhat confusing internet page:

Just remember that European budget airlines are not as variable as U.S. based airlines. They claim 21" bags are okay, but often those 21" bags are 22" with the wheels and they'll try to charge you to check the bag. It's a revenue maker for the airlines to be a little difficult regarding luggage.. But Aer Lingus is stuck on a 10 kg (22 lb.) maximum weight which can be a little difficult for some to make.

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David its pretty straight forward if you assume that the OP is talking about an international Aer Lingus and no transfer to a regional Aer Lingus flight. If you are on one of their regional flights it apparently gets really tight at 7kg and a tiny bag size.

10kg Carry-on Bag
Maximum weight: 10kg (22lb)
Maximum Size;
Height 55cm (21.5")
Width 40cm (15.5")
Depth 24cm (9.5")

Small Personal Item
(small handbag, laptop bag, baby changing bag)
Maximum Size;
Height 25cm (10")
Width 33cm (13")
Depth 20cm (8")

You know I like Turkish Air and their weight limit is 8kg and i do that with a hard sided spinner that starts empty at 2.6kg. The secret is that personal item. You see there is no weight limit. So the carry-on has nothing in it but fabric and I doubt i could cram it with enough fabric to reach 10kg. The personal item gets loaded with all of the heavy stuff.