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Interesting price fluctuations and differences on trains

I’ve been watching prices from Meran in Italy to Lindau in Germany for awhile for a specific date. The price has been around 50 or 60 euros of late, but was down to 28 yesterday, which I scooped up immediately for two tickets. Today it’s back up to its usual price. This was through the Austrian ÖBB site.
Then Budapest to Vienna I saw prices of 51 euros on the ÖBB and for the same train 13 euros on the Hungarian MÁV site. I know there can be different prices, but that’s a huge difference. The 51 euros price is full price, not the sparscheine option. But later in the day the sparscheine tickets are still in the 19 to 28 euro range.

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That is odd, as train prices do not really fluctuate. But what is possible is that someone started a booking, and then did not finish it, and thus the tickets returned to the inventory.
Also on some routes both participating companies manage their ticket buckets separately, so that can indeed lead to lower prices on one site versus another for he exact same train...

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Yeah, I’ll be curious to see the Budapest to Vienna price when or if the OBB has some sparscheine offers for the train in question.