Innsbruck to Zurich: how to use Swiss Flexipass & Austria tix

I'll be traveling from Innsbruck to the Berner Oberland, after spending a week in Austria. I've already bought a Swiss Flexipass, to save on my travel, etc. in Switzerland. Can anyone tell me how to buy a train ticket, then, from Innsbruck to Zurich, where I'll make a transfer onto the Berner Oberland? Do I need only buy a ticket from Innsbruck to Buchs and then the Swiss Flexipass kicks in? It's a little perplexing. Any insights would be great!

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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If you are buying the ticket at the Innsbruck station, just show your Swiss Pass and ask for the reduction. They will calculate the correct fare. It is actually less than the fare to Buchs (€27.80 versus €37). If you are buying the ticket online, look for the drop-down menu showing fare reductions and choose "Swiss General-Abo" for your class of travel ( first or second). The Austrian ticket agent may need to validate the pass for you since this will be first use. Make sure you enter the date of travel in the little box on the pass before you reach Switzerland.