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If I rent a car in Prauge, which eastern european countries can I trave

can I travel to these countries if I rent a car in Prauge:

Czech Republic

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Prague is a city in the Czech Republic, and Slovakia is also part of the former Czechoslovakia, so at the very least those won't be a problem. To be sure, ask your rental agency what they permit.

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It really depends on the agency. As for ease of travel, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria would be the simplest since they are close. Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria are quite a bit further. Road conditions in all those countries are good, Bulgaria being the least developed.

I guess it depends on your time and driving stamina. Why not take the trains though? They are extensive, frequent, and will leave you far more rested than driving. Or even a combination. Drive in the Czech countryside for a few days visiting small towns, then drop the car off in Bratislava, taking the trains from there. Tons of possibilities!