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If and when to upload vaccination card for flights

I just booked tickets on United to Rome for September-October 2022. Uploaded my passport information. When I clicked on the tab for uploading Covid documentation, it gave instructions for uploading antigen or pcr test results 72 hours ahead of the flight. I was under the impression I also needed to upload my proof of vaccination. Is that correct? If so, can someone who has already done this direct me to where to do so in my United passenger information?
A couple of other questions about vaccine cards -- do I provide that information now or wait in case there are further boosters available/required? I got the Pfizer booster in November 2021 and won't be traveling until September 2022.
Secondly, when I got my booster, the information was recorded on the back side of my vaccine card. That's not a problem if I'm actually handing someone the card, but if I'm uploading it, the back side has the vaccine date, lot, etc. but doesn't have my name and birthdate. So there's no way to prove it's actually me. How do I deal with this?

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Regarding uploading your vaccination information, I think you must wait until 72 hours before your flight. We're flying next week and I had the same issue. I called United and was told the page would open at that time.

You have a lot of time before your flight and requirements may change. Just stay calm and wait until the 72 hour period.

As for your vaccine card, can you get a QR code? That would solve the problem of having the booster on the back of your card.

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For a flight in September, there's no reason -- nor any way -- to do anything about this until September.

We have no way of knowing what the entry requirements will be seven months from now.

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they will send a link before the flight to upload it. don't worry about front and back, they are cool about it. worst case, they will check the physical card during boarding. if you have the app, its got a "travel ready center" where you can upload stuff beforehand. i like the United app. btw if you flight is operated by Lufthansa or someone else, then the uploads may have to happen on their site.

saw ur msg in the other thread - hope your UA booking works out and there is no need to refund! I booked a standard UA/Lufthansa economy flight it says "Additional charges may apply for changes in addition to any fare rules listed". quite frustrating and unclear! I am fairly confident they will be happy to give a travel voucher which is good enough.

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Carol, I’m under the impression that there are no CDC QR codes. Has that changed? How did you get a QR code?

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Horsewoofie, I got my QR code from my state (California), not the Fed. There is no national registry, only state. I googled "covid vaccination record Arizona" and got a link to Looks like the place you need to go.

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US QR codes mean absolutley nothing outside the state they were issued in. They want to see your card.

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The QR code we received from the state shows not only the QR code but the dates of the three vaccines. It seems that would be accepted but who knows! Of course, we also have our paper record which we carry with us.

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For our American Airlines flight to Rome last September, they had us upload our data to them, including photo, negative test results, and CDC card, using the Verifly app. That was done over several days in the 2 weeks before the flight; test results the day before. We included images of both the front and back sides of each CDC card. The back had nothing other than what was originally printed on it, nothing hand-written, stamped, nor an labels. Now hg he at you mention it, I suppose someone could’ve questioned whether the front and back images were of the same paper card, but it wasn’t an issue. A year later, perhaps a different approach might be needed, although I doubt it, at first.

What info is on the front of your CDC card, besides name? If you’re not using Verifly, your results may be very different, but I bet you won’t have a problem. Your vaccination documentation is what it is.