IDP for Europe

I am currently living in the UK, but am from the US, and am planning a trip with rental cars in Italy and Croatia. In reading information on line about travel, have discovered that I need an International Driving Permit for the two stated countries. Is there an easier way to get one without having someone in the states run to the AAA to get it with scanned information that I send? I leave mid July and it is currently the middle of June, 2013. Please help if you can, thank you.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Teresa, if you have lived in the UK for over 6 months you will have a British driving license, right? Since the UK licenses are in EU standard format you won't require an IDP. Italy certainly won't be a problem and when Croatia becomes the most recent member of the EU next week they won't either. Unless you have never received your EU license, and then you will. If you are still using your Ohio license you will need to find a way to get an IDP. If you work for the US government perhaps they have a way to help you?

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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It is 12 months before UK residents need to get a UK licence rather than 6.

Posted by Teresa
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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Thank you so very much for your replies. I have found people in the UK to be very kind and gracious:) We have only been here a month and are here for just 3 months all together. I will check into getting an UK drivers license. It might be easier than AAA from states. We do not work for the government, so that option will not work, but a rather clever idea!
Thank you again. We may also work to procure a translator and a notary public.