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is this a legit airline, are they well thought of? do they behave if requesting changes/refunds etc.?

I would Google Flights first to see if this is an atypical fare

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I have flown Iceland Air several times. Economy is no frill. Saga Class is equivalent to a domestic first class seat and service (no lie flat). Connections in Iceland are efficient.

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I have flown Iceland Air quite a bit and they are good. My husband and I saw the deals this morning and are taking a better look later today.

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Thanks for the heads up Carol!
We have also flown Iceland, good airline for us. I rate it much higher than Condor.

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Thanks for the heads up, Carol!

Phred, it’s a totally legit airline and often our easiest connection to Europe from Seattle. Our adult daughter recently flew Icelandair on a multi-City out of JFK and found it convenient and comfortable. Bonus, she went through Schengen passport/immigration control at KEF in Reykjavik and just walked out of CDG when she arrived in Paris. Don’t let the short connections at KEF concern you, that airport is a well-oiled machine.

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Checking from Minneapolis the Seattle pricing holds but the flights don't start from MSP till March. RT economy to all of Scandinavia, Brussels, Dublin under $400 is a great price (no food service or checked bag, "light" fare, add $60 EW for a checked bag and seat selection but food still extra). Saga Class at $1099 to every European city is quite good also, just realize for some of us it is a 737 transatlantic so very much a domestic first class experience.

Phred: unless Icelandair flies to your city you can't get good deals, California is not served. Places served are up and down the East Coast, the PNW, northern locations (Canada, Minneapolis, Chicago) and Denver.

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Yes, it’s a legit airline…I’ve flown with them once.
They’re very efficient, but Economy class is very basic indeed.

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I just booked our May Scandinavian flights through Icelandair. Unfortunately, we were priced out of Saga Class. Economy does seem pretty basic but I added meals and upgraded seats to our flights. While the price is good, the biggest draw was the flight times and locations. The lowest prices weren't just on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We were able book a flight from our hometown with a 5 pm departure on a Friday night. What a nice way to end the week! We will finish our trip in fjord country and I was trying avoid backtracking to Oslo to get home. With Icelandair, we fly out of Bergen which helps the pieces fall together better.

Now, to find out if they will change our flights as many times as BA did for our last trip!