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Iberia Airlines Experiences?

I'm playing with routes from Tulsa to Rome next year. We prefer to book through British Airways, as we have some status with them. (Although we seemed to have slipped from Silver to Bronze this year; bummer.)

One of the cheaper choices includes a flight on Iberia from Chicago to Madrid, then on to Rome, also on Iberia. Has anyone had any notable experiences flying Iberia across the Atlantic. We will probably spring for business class, but if not, we'll choose premium economy.

This isn't the only practical choice, but I thought it might be interesting.

There's also a choice (not on Iberia) of flying out one day earlier than I had planned, and arriving in Rome about 19:00. That would mean getting to the hotel, finding dinner, then going to bed, ready to start the next full day rested and refreshed. I'm tempted. It's also less expensive.

I've spent so much time looking at flight options that I'm getting queasy. Lots of options!

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I got hassled by Iberia on two local flights within Europe about checking my carry-on luggage. And one of the seats I got in economy was incredibly small, making a Southwest Airlines seat in the US look like first class. But if you are flying business class, I doubt you will have the same issues.

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Good to know though, especially if we decide not to fly business class. And since we're generally don't check bags, your comment is definitely relevant. Thanks.

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Some planes are small and can't take US normal carry on allowance. I think they are also dealing with the fleet groundings like all airlines. Check their carry on allowance. I used them Madrid to Granada as a last leg from Canada. I most likely checked my small bag for convenience so didn't have any hassles or problems. No complaints.

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I’ve taken 4 flights on iberia in the last 5 years, flying standard economy. I’ve never had a bad experience and only one flight was about an hour late due to weather. Though I pack a carry-on size bag, I check it through to my final destination. Madrid’s Suárez airport is huge and I can’t see me dragging a carry on and personal item on a three mile hike!

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Some planes are small and can't take US normal carry on allowance.

Maybe, but the two Iberia flights I took last year in Europe were regular-sized 3x3 jets, like a 737 (may have been an Airbus). They were just routinely telling people to check their carry-ons. I did check it on one of the flights - and then I put my personal item that normally goes under the seat (my camera bag) up in the overhead bin instead. So it really didn't save any room in the bins.

I've also not had this same kind of scrutiny of my carry-on bags traveling within Europe. Even when traveling on airBaltic on a small prop plane, I was able to carry on my 22" roller bag without complaint; they simply locked it in a compartment in the front of the plane. Other smaller planes offer a cart when you are getting on the plane to leave your bag; you take it off the cart at the end without deplaning, but without needing to check your bags. Iberia is just much more strict than any other airline I've flown within Europe.