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I broke my record

As I travel a great deal and go in and out of JFK for international flights, I've been keeping track of how long it takes me from stepping off the plane to getting to the Airtrain platform. (That means walking from the gate, through immigration and customs, and exiting the terminal. )

Thanks to the new Global Entry machines in Terminal 8, my new record is.....8 minutes.

I just had to tell people.

This shows that if you are not sure about getting Global Entry it's worth it.

My previous record was 12 minutes.

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So we will see you soon doing a Nike commercial?

Or did you do like OJ in the Hertz commercials, leaping the seats?

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No running, no passing anyobe, just kept up with the crowd.

The new machines just take a photo of you. No questions. No inserting passport. It uses facial recognition and prints out a form with the photo and your details. Give the form and your passport to the officer. He compares the info in your passport to the form and compares the passport photo to you and you're done.

I was slightly delayed as the guy in front of me didn't get his form and had to back to the machine.

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Frank II, we have been enthusiastic Global Entry users for MANY years. As we are often traveling home and bringing gifts, supplies, etc. from Europe for friends & family, we have to check our bags. And while we BREEZE through Global Entry - like you - in minutes... then we have to head to the Baggage Hall to collect - or "recheck" our luggage for a connecting flight.

This year, loaded down with XMAS presents, we waited for our luggage at the ATL International Terminal for 1.5 hours. So, while we saved time versus standing in the passport-entry lines, EVERYONE was through passport control by the time our luggage arrived. Fortunately, this is more the exception rather than the rule. And certainly, if you're doing carry-on only (not an option for us, but....) GE is a great asset. That said, I'd much rather wait in the baggage hall, than wait in a passport line! Congrats on your fast escape!!!

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Great time, it took us more than that to walk through the terminal. The new machines are great and then they just wave you through, no custom forms, just a “welcome back”.

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When I came back from Paris in October, I flew AF, so Terminal 1 at JFK - the Global Entry line is the same line Mobile Passport uses (I don't travel enough for GE), and b/c MP fills out the declaration in the app and not at the kiosk, I flew through faster than most GE. I wasn't at the Airtrain in 8 minutes, but pretty close!

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I was amazed at how fast we got through at JFK in November. It wasn’t as fast as you because it took us a while to realize we were really done! I kept trying to figure our where to insert my passport. Next time I’ll just pose for my picture and move on. : )

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I had some confusion like Carrol's last fall -- where's the place to insert my passport? And I'm always looking down at the instructions when the machine takes my picture, so mostly it gets my expanding scalp. They should call it "scalp recognition."

Good going, Frank II. Your travel dedication inspires us all. Just remember that if you keep trying to break that record, eventually someone is going to stop you for running through the airport without the excuse that OJ had. And -- could be a relevant question -- how long does it take to get from the Air Train platform to wherever you're going in the city?

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Two out of the three times I landed in Newark last year, it took around 15 minutes from getting off the plane to getting to the air train. The third time it took about 45 minutes. Out of all the times I’ve had to stand in immigration lanes in the last 5 years, only a couple times did it take longer than 30 min (this includes 2 times where I was pulled for extra screening) so I’ve never seen the real need for global entry. I guess I’m just lucky or the airports or times I fly in are not busy. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself for my next trip though 😅

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I love Global Entry and have had great experiences as well. For those who don't want to go through the background check, fingerprinting and costs (it does give you TSA pre-check in the US), try Mobile Passport: Not all US airports can accommodate this; however, it's almost as good as Global Entry and it's free.

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how long does it take to get from the Air Train platform to wherever you're going in the city?

It depends on which terminal you are starting at and where you are going in the city.